Map Change Viewer Shows Vital New Data

A map update provides fresh data that optimizes your navigation system’s routing, travel time estimates, and other important features.

But how much new data goes into an update? The Map Change Viewer below shows changes to 8 of a possible 260 data points over 18 months*. As significant as these modifications appear, this is only a fraction of the fresh data included in the latest map update.

Zoom in to the Map Change Viewer to see the density of changes in your area and be sure to update your map today to get the most from your Volkswagen navigation system.

Report Map Changes

At HERE, we strive to create the most accurate maps. You can be a part of the process. Check out the Map Creator tool to add and modify roads on HERE maps. Try out Map Creator now.

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*Map Change Viewer statistics reflect changes to the HERE Map Database over an 18-month period. The exact changes applied to a particular map update may vary according to the model, year, and specific navigation system.